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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What makes your VIP Sisterhood Club different from other courses and community options?
    The VIP Sisterhood Club is not a course. It is a rich community of females with information, support and knowledge share wholly benchmarked on PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. It has so much to offer for LESS and it covers the 7 core areas of a female's life. You get to laugh, ask, learn, support, connect and network with people along the way. As a VIP member, you get the chance to meet yourself and grow exponentially.
  • How much does it cost to be a Perfectly Ready and Worthy VIP Sisterhood Club Member
    Currently, it costs ₦15,000 each month or ₦150,000 annually (you get 2 months free on an annual subscription).
  • Can I cancel at anytime?
    We hope you won't, but yes you can. Cancelling is easy from your member's dashboard. Cancelling takes you off the members' area and community once your subscription period is over.
  • Is this for all single or married females?
    It is for all all females.
  • How often are the Masterclasses?
    Each month you get a new masterclass as part of your membership, and it is available to you 24/7. You can either attend a live session or watch the recorded videos in your members area.
  • I own a business and I want to learn how to grow my business?
    A business is a career path. You've come to the right membership where we don't only cover business as a core deliverable, but we also cover other core areas that can make your business thrive. This is an ALL-IN-ONE community.
  • What if it's not everything you say... can I get a refund?
    We've promised you can, within 30 days after you sign-up - Yearly Membership subscriptions only. However, to get the best out of your experience, give yourself 3 months as an ACTIVE member, and guess what, you wouldn't want to become a non-member. For monthly subscriptions, cancel at anytime before the next billing cycle, so you don't get billed for the next month (the cycle runs every 30 days). No refund available.
  • Why do you time your enrollment period?
    We do this to create an experience where new members are treated as royalty and can onboard effectively. Enrollment is limited to a few times a year, this way we can dedicate adequate time to new members.
  • Can I pay for someone else to become a member?
    Yes you can. The payment will be in your name, but ensure the registered account is in the name of the person you are paying for.
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Click on the 'Enter Now' button

Pay once for your entry and you'll have access till January 30, 2022: this qualifies you for the draw to win any of the prizes

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Take note of your Transaction Number: you'll be automatically added to the draw once your entry is confirmed

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Relax, check your email, and WhatsApp messages for the announcements on winners and more...

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Perfectly Ready & Worthy Females' is a 'Personal Development' brand that inspires and helps females build the life of impact, legacy, and fulfillment that awakens and propels the giant in us. By doing this, we collectively birth generations that make the world better and brighter.

Please note that the PRW Book Club Draws are not a charity/not-for-profit raffle, property raffle, or property lottery but a prize draw. Our online contest to win land and/or other items give you the opportunity to Join our female-centered Book. Club community. All current PRW Book Club monthly/yearly members will also be entered into these prize draws. Sign-up to the Book Club is necessary to enter the draw, and the intention of our draws is that people enter to win an investment or more, whilst also building a reading culture and in some cases, with the intention to support a worthy charitable initiative. Only Book Club members are eligible for the draw.

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