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Why We Exist

Through personal development, we inspire females to build the life of Impact, legacy, and fulfillment that awakens and propels the giant in us, so that we can collectively birth generations that make the world better.

This means we are invested in helping you reach your optimum in the 7 phases of your life: your Emotional & Mental Well-being, Career, Finance & Financing, Business & Investments, Spiritual & Vision, Relationships, and Communication.

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Our Story

The Perfectly Ready and Worthy brand was birth from a desire to help young females in Africa and of African origin (in the diaspora) come to the huge revelation that we are made for more... way much more.


Our Mission is to be the foremost sustainable Personal Development brand in Africa that leverages opportunities and triggers mindset shifts in single and married females, with the primary aim to embed singleness of mind, personal accountability, wealth generation, intentional legacy, and purpose.


These core elements drive our legacy journey and brand culture.

Our in-house belief is simple: We Can, We Will, We Must.

Meet the Founder

Meet The PRW Igniters

Over time, we have crossed paths with some amazing people who embraced Nkechie’s ideas and drive for change and personal transformation. They are using those ideas and their inert passion to ignite positive change in their organization and in other people's lives. We love their work, and we invited them to join our in-house igniters. Today, they work with us, together, to inspire, ignite people and advance our vision.

Meet The PRW Optimists

We meet some amazing individuals who have truly inspiring and valuable ideas, passion, and work cultures that are exemplary. So we decided to work with them to help them spread their passion, work, and ethics further and wider. Why? Because we are marching toward the same vision; and in reality, together we create more impact.





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