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Being SINGLE is a great opportunity, it is bliss, this is when you start building a life-long legacy. A time when you define how the many years of your life will go. Legacy is built when you walk in your purpose and carry it like a flag with finesse clothed in humility; this is what PRW is about. We have one mission: "To help females lead a successfully balanced 360-degree life." Living life casually is too expensive a journey to take, and so we must fight to build the legacies we were made for... a purpose and outcome that impacts and influences the lives and people around us. Legacy is built with faith, time, energy, and laser focus; it isn't built alone, but the vision is yours to birth.; You may have grappled with any or many of these questions below;

  • How can I build a business, a career that'll make me financially able to save, invest, give, and finance projects? 

  • How can I become financially stable and independent?

  • How can I get my finances, career, business, emotional health, relationships, mental health in balance so that I can effectively run with my purpose?

  • How can I start a business?

  • How can I grow a business?

  • How can I thrive and sustain a business?

  • How can I lead in an organization?

  • How can I shift my career?

  • How can I get my dream job, in the dream company?

  • How can I influence and impact lives?

  • How can become debt FRR?

  • How can I invest? Where should I invest?

  • How can I take my business outside my country's borders?

  • How do I attract the right prospects?

  • How do I build customer loyalty?

  • How can I .......?

Or, you may feel a sense of powerlessness every time you think about birthing your idea or passion to life because of varying reasons and circumstances? You are not alone. Millions of females are looking for a balanced achieving life, and this is where PRW comes in.

Your questions, the sense of frustration are all perfectly reasonable, especially if you have a cry on the inside that is screaming for expression and identification. Your legacy is crying for an expression, your purpose is pleading for you to act. PRW will provide you the tools and strategies to live out your legacy and be whom you are built to be.



Nkechie's story

The Passion

I've always had a passion to solve problems. A knack that possibly got me into studying engineering for 7 years, and then I realized in my third year that it possibly wasn't what I had in mind. I stayed, completed my degree, and went in search of that un-named knack that kept tugging on my inside. I have also always been entrepreneurial-minded; that started way before I became a teen and is still inbreed. Passion is just the beginning.


The Move

Completing my degree was way less stressful than the years after my graduation. I started an events company, contracted jobs out to people, worked hard, and saved up for a course in business school. I felt happy, but in all honesty, I wasn't fulfilled. I yearned for something that I really couldn't place my finger on. And I didn't know why I still felt unfulfilled, especially because I had so much faith in my future. And so even when I moved continents, I clung to the need to be independent and driven in my new environment. In hindsight, I would have done things differently, but I didn't have the right community to learn from, and so I stayed in the state of unknowing for about 3 years. The lack of knowledge and the unwillingness to acquire the right knowledge can derail you from your purpose. It's one thing to understand your purpose, it is another thing to have the mindset that creates the possibilities you never thought you could create.


The Journey

I couldn't use my degree (because I knew I'd end up miserable), I couldn't find a job, the retail business I tried starting with the little investment money I had, ended up in someone else's hands and I never saw the products (or the money) again. For 3 almost 3 years I felt handicapped, even though I had faith and still had that cry for a release on my inside. It was a hard fight for my legacy.


The Ray of Sunshine

The inner cry for freedom and for greatness still lingered on, then I got my first contract job, and another, and one day someone I had never met who was interviewing me for a job in global bank believed in me enough to offer me the job. I was literally past the bank's location when I got the call with the offer. That particular job was my turning point, my knowledge base, my vision identifier. The fixer problem-solving lion in me came alive: and for the first time, I realized that the vision I had written out in plain English had come to pass. I began to consciously document and strategize my career journey, and I also mapped my mindset as an experiment to see the results it would fetch me. You have no idea what you have the potential to accomplish until you expend yourself on it.


The Results So Far

With the help of visioning, mindset shifts, and some pretty amazing people,

  • I founded a career transformation suite that has a 98% positive feedback rate,

  • Published a book (with some more in the pipeline),

  • Worked with some amazing FTSE 100 organizations,

  • Managed customers In over 21 countries

... and now founded 'The Perfectly Ready and Worthy' female members' club for the 360-degree female.

Why PRW?

PRW is for the female who knows;

  1. She can be much more with the right knowledge 

  2. She can do much more with the RIGHT community

  3. She can impact more people with the RIGHT strategies 

  4. She can attract the right people with the RIGHT MINDSET and habits

  5. She can attain a balance in her 360-degree life before she gets married

  6. She can influence others outside her boarders, using the RIGHT strategies, channels, and tools

  7. She has NO time to waste on casual endeavors because she is sold out to her purpose

  8. She can't leave her legacy for others to build, and so she'll take up her chisel and cave out her future


PRW is for the female who has a cry within and is looking for a way to give that lioness within a voice to roar. Are you that female?

I hope all we've created and continue to create within the members' community will be the springboard that propels you to your purposeful- journey so that you can BECOME. There are people whose lives are linked to yours, whose purposes are programmed to be inspired by you fulfilling your own purpose. I hope PRW dispels your fears, confusion, and self-inflicted disappointments. I hope you take up the courage that's needed to help you on your life's journey, and I sincerely hope you join us in the members' club.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Follow our new account on Instagram.

I believe so much in the endless possibilities that are before you; come join us.

"The deeper the foundation, the taller the building will be."

Nkechie Ilori.

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