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Our Coaching Suite

Through personal development, we inspire females to build the life of Impact, legacy, and fulfillment that awakens and propels the giant in us, so that we can collectively birth generations that make the world better.





Meet The PRW Coaches

Over time, we have crossed paths with some amazing people who embraced Nkechie’s ideas and drive for change and personal transformation. They are using those ideas and their inert passion to ignite positive change in their organization and in other people's lives. We love their work, and we invited them to join our in-house igniters. Today, they work with us, together, to inspire, ignite people and advance our vision.

Nkechie Ilori

Career & Personal Development Coach

Anita Schafer

Mental & Emotional Health Therapist and Counselour

Ada Ude

Business Set-up Expert & Legal Adviser

Hello. Book. Reserve

Below, you'll find the sessions that we have on the calendar or reservable services. You can also contact us for a customizable service or group of services. We also serve organizations and businesses as well.

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Custom Clothing Order
Female Chef
Female Chef

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