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January 27-29, 2022
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How To Start & Scale a Sustainable Coaching or Training Business

Do you want to explore teaching other people your skills or explore how to do so with impact?


Maybe you want to understand what being a coach entails, or are curious about what path to take to impact people's lives?

Do you want to understand how to scale to scale sustainably?


Nkechie & PRW have been featured on:

3 sessions, 3 days starting on
Wednesday, 8 December and we will cover:



Why our skills and talent aren't enough to impact prospects. How does coaching or training for impact and success work.



What is coaching? What is training and how do they work?



Why the African market presents you with the biggest opportunity; how to tap into sustainable coaching opportunities, and how to build successfully.

FEB 7-11


Join the paid coach & trainer accelerator program where you'll experience the power of coaching or training from the world's ICF coaching specialists and experts.


...hear from past students of our Coaching Program, 

find out why we are different and why the paid 5-day program from the 7-11 January is a must-have if you are looking to become or are a new coach/trainer...

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What  Is The Coach -Trainer Accelerator Program?
January 7-11, 2022

Only a handful of coaches globally are accredited! YES.

You wouldn't go to a doctor for help or to treat you if you knew that doctor was not qualified to do so; it is the same with coaching! Because there are so many unqualified coaches who haven't gone through rigorous qualifications and assessments, no wonder so many people who go to them get VERY LITTLE or NO results.

This 5-day accelerator program is a lite version that'll dive into the nature, structure, and nuances of coaching - including helping you brainstorm, tailor, and almost proof your coaching idea.  


With Nkechie Ilori (ICF Coach in training) and the global ICF accredited coaches you'll work with, you get a professional team that meets the strict and high standards of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). 


We’re also one of the few training providers that help start-ups, small businesses, and C-Suites in building and supporting their organisational design, development, and coaching capabilities.

Set yourself apart from the beginning as a coach or trainer. 

Why the trainer accelerator

We could be the training provider for you if…


  • ​​You want a supportive and nurturing environment in which to learn and grow while you save enough to go for an Internationally recognized qualification

  • ​You are curious about becoming a coach or trainer, or you already are a coach or trainer and you'd want to learn more about global strategies and methodologies

  • You’re interested in using techniques supported by science and critical thinking because you want techniques that work and make you profitable alongside!

Join us for an insightful, engaging 3 days where you can sample all aspects of our encompassing program...

Why the PRW Coach -Trainer Accelerator Program?

must have

Perfectly Ready and Worthy is Africa's #1 Personal Development expertise and an increasingly established and well-regarded brand in Africa. The coaching arm of the brand is made up of approved and regulated coaches and world-class coaches in training to ensure quality and excellence throughout our delivery.


We have personal support for our students to become well prepared and strong footed first-time and new coaches as well as support for coaches looking to become internationally qualified. We also coach managers and c-suite executives on a range of coaching topics in business and HR.

Our coaching vision is to promote a strong coaching culture in Africa for excellence and impact throughout the people and organisations who partner with us. The PRW online teaching platform allows us to deliver our coaching, courses, and our corporate training globally, as well as offering in-person training across Africa. Our growing portfolio of coaches, trainers, and mentors all hold internationally recognised qualifications and a few are currently in training. Our commitment to Personal development ensures we maintain our position as an expanding market leader in excellence. 


PRW founder, Nkechie Ilori is one of the leading career and personal development coaches on 3 continents, having worked with 100s of clients worldwide. Nkechie is a deep thinker, author, certified in organisational design and development, and she gets featured in events. Nkechie is passionate about creating personal-professional level coach training and supporting new coaches to develop their skills.

PRW is committed to equality and diversity, we support third sector organisations and charities/not-for-profit through pro bono coaching partnerships.

Nkechie has been featured on 

"If you want your life to be different,
you have to be willing to do
something different first."
~Hod Erod~
This could be you...
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This was a game-changer for me in my career! I got a job within 3 weeks.

- Odun Okeme

I attended the Business Vision Board sessions, and it gave me clarity on my ballon business's vision and more.

- Chioma Enechionyia

Thank you Nkechie. You made me realize CHANGE is needed for growth to happen. This has stuck with me.

- Patience

I needed a plan on how to build my business alongside my 9-5 and I got a plan. Don't miss this.- Stella Marie Phillips

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