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There are people whose destinies depend on you finding and fulfilling your purpose!

That's the reality and you have to accept it early. Imagine...

"If Rosa Parks didn't insist on fighting for her civil right...?"

"If Queen Esther didn't fight for her people...?"

"If Martin Luther King didn't take up the barton to fight for civil human rights...?"

"If Tou Youyou didn't discover the key components for the malaria drug...?"

"If Helen Keller had given in to her disabilities...?"

"If you pursued your purpose...?"

Remember, your purpose is timed.




  • 4-Part Audio (4 Modules)
  • 1 Video
  • 1 Guided Power Purpose Release Visualisation
  • A Beautifully Crafted Workbook
  • Templates
  • Live: Quarterly Purpose Release Real-Life Stories from around the world
  • Access to our global community (*Not the Members' Club)
  • 12 Months Access to the program (renewable)
  • Opportunity to upgrade to 1-1 coaching, visualization power hours, and group coaching program at an Inner Circle VIP discount rate


* Renew after 12 months...

Release Your Purpose - Program

$97.00 Regular Price
$42.00Sale Price
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Release Your Purpose
12 Months Access - Reoccurring
$42.00every year until canceled
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