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Land + Foundation + C of O

Get your 644sqm land with all documentations, already laid foundation, and more...


 Current land prices in this estate range between 8M-10M (excluding developmental fees and documentation). Save ₦3+Million on putting up a foundation!!!

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Ready to Build and Live

Marketplace PREMIUM

Detailed Information on this land​

₦ 8,250,000/644 sqm

In Pentagon Estate, Mowe - Ogun State


  1. Private Sale

  2. Already has a built foundation 

  3. Estate is ready to build and live in: electricity and families already live within the built-up section

  4. You can build on the 644sqm plot a double 4 bedroom terraces ( 320sqm each) on the full plot with good car park space or 4 blocks of 4 bedroom terraces seating on 210sqm each.

  5. All documents are available for transfer of ownership ( Survey allocation documents)

  6. Transfer of ownership costs ' 200,000

  7. Price is 8,250,000

  8. Global C of O

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Female Chef
Female Chef

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