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You are In!

Now put the dates in your calendar, and look out for the email that'll be in your inbox soon. If you paid for the DELUXE BUNDLE, you'll receive an additional email to confirm your payment. Next step, join the group where the event will take place.

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Starting: Wednesday 10th - 13th March

DAY 1:

Understanding The Damage FEAR Brings & Identifying Hidden fears

Fear keeps one bound, unapproachable and indecisive. More importantly it attracts the wrong sorts of individuals to you. How do you get it right? Day 1 addresses the FEAR bond and it's influence and how to identify fear even when it is hidden!

DAY 2:

Destroying The FEAR & Turning on Your Feminine Attraction

Getting rid of fear is your first step to freedom from the impact and influence of fear when it comes to attracting the RIGHT man your way. Day 2 addresses how to become free from it all, and turn on your feminine attraction in less than 60 minutes.

DAY 3:

Don't Be The Victim, Be The ACCEPTED

Day 3's fearless power session explores and shows you how to escape victimhood and embrace acceptance from the RIGHT man. 


2 Extended Paid Sessions

These paid extended sessions will happen within a group in a separate private space. With one to one access to Nkechie and her team and it comes with great perks too.

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