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February 21-25, 2022




The all-in-one 5 Day program for new coaches, mentors, and trainers looking to start with a global standard in mind, and who want to know 'how' to communicate, sell and scale their value. 

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Imagine if you could learn coaching, training, and mentoring techniques from international certified coaches and coaches in training... straight from the PRW African platform? You will get;

- A clear understanding of if coaching or training, or mentoring is for you 

- The ability to apply coaching skills to your current career and business 

- Feedback on your coaching, training, and/or mentoring business idea

- Feedback on how you can improve your skills 


The Accelerator Program is for you! 

By the end of the program you will be able to: 


- Structure a coaching session and coaching conversations

- Structure a training session and training conversations

- Structure a mentoring session and mentoring conversations

- Develop your listening skills so you can ask better questions and build more effective relationships

- Use coaching, training, and mentoring tools to help others change and embed the changes


We will help you to embed solid foundations and if you decide to then go on and do our Accelerator++ Skills Course, you will get $300 off the course.

What  Is The Coach -Trainer Accelerator Program?
February 21-25, 2022

Only a handful of coaches globally are accredited! YES.

You wouldn't go to a doctor for help or to treat you if you knew that doctor was not qualified to do so; it is the same with coaching! Because there are so many unqualified coaches who haven't gone through rigorous qualifications and assessments, no wonder so many people who go to them get VERY LITTLE or NO results.

This 5-day accelerator program is a lite version that'll dive into the nature, structure, and nuances of coaching - including helping you brainstorm, tailor, and almost proof your coaching idea.  


With Nkechie Ilori (ICF Coach in training) and the global ICF accredited coaches you'll work with, you get a professional team that meets the strict and high standards of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). 


We’re also one of the few training providers that help start-ups, small businesses, and C-Suites in building and supporting their organisational design, development, and coaching capabilities.

Set yourself apart from the beginning as a coach, mentor  or trainer. 

Why the trainer accelerator

We could be the training provider for you if…


  • ​​You want a supportive and nurturing environment in which to learn and grow while you save enough to go for an Internationally recognized qualification

  • ​You are curious about becoming a coach or trainer, or you already are a coach or trainer and you'd want to learn more about global strategies and methodologies

  • You’re interested in using techniques supported by science and critical thinking because you want techniques that work and make you profitable alongside!

Join us for an insightful, engaging 3 days where you can sample all aspects of our encompassing program...

must have

CHOOSE: What You'll Study



Module 1

What Coaching is: Understanding the indept releveance of coaching

An overview of coaching, the ethics of coaching, and the value of confidentiality