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Without a vision, you will literally feel the weight of frustration that not only discourages but your life takes a turn towards unaccomplished dreams and fulfillment. You need a vision, and you need to know how to put one together at every phase of your life's journey.


This course will teach you...


  • What visioning is and the key elements of vision.
  • How the rich use visioning and purpose to get greater and better.
  • The 7 parts of your life where visioning and planning should be applied.
  • Why new year resolutions take you backward and not forward.
  • Communicating your vision(s): the people you shouldn't take along on that journey.
  • The differences between a vision, purpose, hobby, wish and desire.
  • How to create a vision, vision statement, and mission map.
  • ... and more



Here's what you get within the private area;


  • 5 Modules (Video and audio)
  • Template
  • Access to our global community (*Not the Members' Club)
  • 12 Months Access (renewable)
  • Opportunity to upgrade to 1-1 coaching, visualization power hours, and group coaching program at an Inner Circle VIP discount rate

Vision for Victors Course (Preorder)

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Vision for Victors
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