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Win a Land: Closed
Win Weekly 50K Giveaway: Open
Win Christmas Hamper Worth 80K: Open

Enter to qualify for the chance to win a Hamper Gift Pack and the Weekly 50k Giveaway! Remember, you'll also be supporting a charity this Christmas.

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One Time Payment


15 Entries

This is the current Book Club monthly Membership fee and it qualifies you for 15 ENTRIES in the draw.


Note! this is a ONE TIME payment for a 1-month subscription to the PRW Book Club. 

Access to the Book Club till

Dec 30th, 2021

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The More Entries, The More Chance You'll Win

Get more entries and you could raise your stake and chances of winning!

Extra entries are additional one-time payments. 50% of this will go to support the charity with the higher vote.

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We are Supporting To End Child Abuse In Nigeria

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50% of the Extra entries payments made will go to the Charity with the higher vote... vote here

Here's How To Enter The Draw For Any of These Prizes



To enter the draw for any of the prizes,

become one of our Book Club Members

till Dec 30, 2021

Pay once for your entry and you'll have access till Dec 30, 2021: this qualifies you for the draw

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Take note of your Transaction Number: you'll be automatically added to the draw once your entry is confirmed

Relax, check your email, and messages for the announcements on winners and for the land grand prize winner on 3rd December...

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Perfectly Ready & Worthy Females' is a 'Personal Development' brand that inspires and helps females build the life of impact, legacy, and fulfillment that awakens and propels the giant in us. By doing this, we collectively birth generations that make the world better and brighter.

Please note that the PRW Million Naira Land Draw is not a charity/not-for-profit raffle, property raffle, or property lottery but a prize draw. Our online contest to win land and other items get you the opportunity to Join our female-centered Book. All PRW Book Club member entrants will also be entered into other prize draws to win additional prizes regardless of the entry option chosen. Sign-up to the Book Club is necessary to enter the draw, and the intention of the property draw is that people enter to win a property whilst also building a reading habit and also with the intention to support a worthy charitable initiative. Only Book Club members are eligible for the draw.

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